behaviour policy.

Dear Students, 

We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming BDSA Sports Day in Sheffield.

We would like to also remind you that you are representing both your university and the dental profession. Therefore, we have uploaded a code of conduct that all our guests are to agree to and abide by throughout the weekend in order to continue the success of the Sports Day in future years.

Failure to adhere to the policy could result in your stay at your accommodation being terminated immediately, and the Dean/Head of Department of your Dental School being informed. You may also be banned from any future BDSA events.


Furthermore, the BDSA Executive committee reserve the right to place a blanket ban. This would prevent students of all years from your university attending and participating in future events.

Any discriminatory and/or disrespectful behaviour will result in instant removal from the entirety of the event.




  • Any damages caused throughout Saturday 12th – Monday 14th October 2019 will be dealt with at the venue/accommodations’ discretion.

  • The BDSA will not accept any responsibility for damages. Security will be present, and all students will be held responsible for their actions.

  • Those found responsible for any damages will be expected to pay for said damages. 

Alcohol consumption

  • Please drink responsibly.

  • All illicit substances are banned, and those found in possession will be dealt with appropriately.

  • Personal alcohol should not be consumed in any communal areas of the hotel, including bars and corridors, and the hotel reserve the right to remove it.

  • Any food/drink is not permitted to be consumed within the sports areas of the venue, King Edwards and Tapton Community Sports Centres.


  • If you do not hold an hotelticket, you are not entitled to stay with someone else who does. We have the right to terminate the stay of both parties involved should this occur.

  • Please remember there will be other guests staying in the accommodation and excessive noise disturbances to other guests late at night will not be tolerated. Security will be at each hotel; any bad behaviour or disruption may result in removal from accommodation.

  • No smoking is permitted in the hotel.


Sports venue and trade fair

  • You will only be allowed to attend the Sports venue if you have purchased a ticket for Sports Day.

  • Attendance to the trade fair is compulsory in order to receive a wristband for the T-shirt night out on Sunday.

  • No alcohol is sold or permitted at the Sports Venue.

  • Lunch will be provided by the committee; you may bring extra food/drink if you wish but cannot consume this in the sporting areas. Please note we are trying to cut down on plastic consumption this year, so be mindful of this. There are water fountains available at the venue for you to fill your own bottles.

  • Random bag searches may be carried out at the venue’s discretion. Please comply with their policies.

  • There will be no smoking permitted within the premises. 


Fancy dress night and T-shirt night 

  • ID and a wristband will be required for entrance into the venues for both nights.

  • Please follow the venues policy with regards to alcohol consumption and illicit substances. You are required to do what the venue security tell you.



Please comply with the behaviour policy to ensure another successful Sports Day!

BDSA Sheffield 2019